The purpose of Leading Women’s Profile is to:

1.     Create conversations about what is working and raise awareness of the need for gender balance

2.     Raise funds for vulnerable women

3.     Offer recognition to leading women

The global ratio of women to men today is 1:1. However, women’s access to resources and opportunity is not equal with men. 

We know that diversity and gender balance create stronger communities and higher performing companies.  Research shows that organisations with better gender balance have a higher performing share price. Gender balance pays dividends. However, only 12 of the ASX200 have women CEO’s. 

Think of a continuum of women’s power from the strongest to the most vulnerable.  All the way along that continuum women experience difficulty related to their gender.

Leading Women’s Profile aims to build on the strengths of successful women to support those most vulnerable.  The project creates a gallery of peers providing recognition to women in high performing roles and fuels discussion around women’s success.  Each portrait is accompanied by that persons 3 key success factors in order to fuel conversation about what we can do to assist more women to stronger positions.

At the other end of the spectrum are young women without a home, work, or the wherewithal to get them.  These vulnerable young people are supported through Bridge of Hope’s Bridging the Gap program into accommodation and pathways to security.

Identifying actions we can all take to work toward gender balance is critical for change. My work for over 20 years as a communication facilitator, has taught me that the shortest path to success is to focus on strengths, on what is working and build on that.  I want to inspire conversations about women’s strengths and paths to success.  The other conversations we need to have are about those most vulnerable in society and how we can help.

The background for the portraits is a blue sky - meaning - endless possibilities.

The portraits were presented at the Women in Rotary International Womens’ Day Breakfast March 8, 2019 at Crown and then at the Deloitte International Women’s Day event before being displayed at Deloitte Melbourne Client Centre for a month before going to their new homes.  They were sold for $3000 each to raise funds for Bridge of Hope.