The Artist

A self taught Artist who engages art to explore positive social change.  My work is focused on beauty and using paintings to create positive conversations or actions. I use art as a means of exploring how we relate to the world. From showing the beauty of Australian flora to entice people to use more Australian natives in their garden, or in portrait projects to acknowledge excellence and highlight the need for action and change.

Giving Australian Flora Centre Stage…

On Sundays, when I was young, my family would walk in the Adelaide hills and spot wildflowers and orchids hidden in the bush.  My mother Judy, would bring an arm full of wildflowers home to adorn the kitchen and sometimes we pressed or drew them.  The study of biology and later medicinal herbs developed my interest as I sketched and doodled along with daily life.  Now I want to give Australian native flora centre stage to help more people enjoy it's unique beauty.   Making small flowers big brings art into our daily lives.  Becoming more aware of the plants around us brings us in touch with the seasons and the flow of nature.  It stimulates the brain differently and keeps us engaged with the world around us.

Painting step by step allows me to concentrate on one aspect of the painting at a time.  Each layer adds complexity and depth to these acrylic paintings.  Starting with monochrome (a technique favoured by the old masters to show those who commissioned the work what they were getting) allows me to concentrate only on the shapes and tones.  Colour comes later and details after that.  The defined steps allow me to hook back into the work at any time while I get on with life.  I get lost in the painting and learn more with each one.  Engaged by the layers and beauty, I enjoy life more and hope you experience that joy too.

I have produced product for the international gift market  - light weight Australian Wildflower placemats and coasters sold to the corporate sector and some Botanic Gardens.